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Parallel Forms, Double Satisfaction


– Channel Meetings were Held Successfully in Poland

Recently, Polish customers who have worked closely with us held two successful channel conferences. The conference received a warm response from the participants and achieved excellent results. Pantum’s market expansion journey in Poland has once again achieved a leap forward.

The two conferences were held in Poland in early September and late September respectively, and many people in the industry were invited to the conference site. The conference was conducted in parallel online and offline, with more than 700 participants attending. The conference displayed relevant information including printing solutions, market trend analysis, solution live demonstrations, and product introductions, etc. Participants, whether they came to the scene or learned about it through the Internet, showed a strong interest in the solutions and products displayed. Pantum’s entry-level printers filled customers’ product gaps in a timely manner and provided them with new business opportunities.

The successful holding of the conference has further expanded the Polish market for Pantum, provided new development opportunities for partners, and paved the way for the subsequent cooperation between the two parties!

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