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Pantum – Best Printing Solutions Provider of 2020


2020 has been away from us for three quarters, but for us Pantum, NCN’s award brings us back to 2020, and recalls the efforts and glory of the past year.

In August of this year, we were very much honored to be awarded the Best Printing Solutions Provider of 2020 by NCN Magazine! NCN is a well-known IT magazine in India, founded in 1999 and headquartered in New Delhi. Through the information released on the platform, it realizes information sharing among different distributors, dealers and other participants. The news that Pantum was awarded as the Best Printing Solutions Provider by NCN magazine will be widely disseminated and known on this platform and out of it. It is a strong recognition of Pantum brand by the local market and another source of confidence for all Pantum partners.

Pantum is confident that, driven by the numerous sales and marketing policies, the efforts of sales and after-sales personnel, and the close cooperation with partners, it will win more awards in India and gain a larger market share in the future!

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