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No solo un Jugador Fuerte en el Patio de Recreo


– Pantum Sponsored a Tennis Event Held by Philippine Government

Recently, Pantum appeared on the court as one of the important sponsors in the student tennis competition held by Philippine government. Pantum provided uniforms, live event banners and prizes for the winners for the tennis match.

The student contestants wore tennis uniforms with Pantum logo printed on them, showing off their skills on the court. The competition lasted from day to night, and the atmosphere was very lively. Pantum printer products and promotional posters displayed at the scene aroused widespread interest from the audience and further enhanced Pantum’s brand recognition in the local area. In the end, the staff awarded 6 Pantum P2500W printers to the winners. The competition ended successfully with cheers of joy.

This sponsorship not only enhanced Pantum’s brand awareness in the local area, but also laid a good foundation for the cooperation between Pantum and the local government. We also believe that continuous and healthy cooperation will bring positive results to all parties involved,and achieve a win-win future!
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