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¿Cuál sería un Buen Compañero de Trabajo para las Oficinas de Pequeñas Empresas?


There are times that we are just leaning next to a printer and waiting for the prints and spirited away. Alternatively, scan in page after page of the document which takes away a whole coffee break. In a small business environment, being able to focus on tasks and work effectively can bring the most productivity to daily work time. So what functions should be looked at for a small business use MFP?

Speedy – high printing speed, high printing quality, and high ADF scan speed

To be able to print fast is the main reason we choose laser printer, and it seems natural to fulfill but hard to achieve. Some incidents could slow down the printing process. For example, low quality or smudged prints that need to print again, paper jam cause fixing time, or do duplex printing manually. For any business environment, to have ADF scan could save a lot of filing time, it’s time to get rid of your flatbed scanner, and get a printer with fast ADF scan.

Stable – more monthly printing volume, long-lasting consumables, an overall healthy printer

A stable printer should be built to last long, and have a consistent printing quality. It’s time to open the printer and observe what’s inside. Durable metal frame and gears will support the printer for a long time working. Separate drum unit and toner cartridge design will last longer and lower the cost. The reason to choose the separate drum unit and toner cartridge printer is drum unit last much longer than toner cartridge; the ratio is about 1:4, which mean with one drum unit, you can use four toner cartridges. You can save more on consumables than one-piece toner cartridge. Of course, keeping the printer in proper maintenance will extend the service life.

Smart –Mobile printing, NFC connection, and Network sharing

Printing and scanning now could be unlimited to the desktop. With smartphones and tablets introduced into a working environment, printing becomes more mobile. Being able to print from smartphone or tablet is a must-have function for a multi-function printer. NFC printing makes the transfer from mobile device to the printer within seconds.

Simple – Easy installation, easy to use, simplified functions design to ease the jobs

A printer should not be a hard gadget that people need to take a long time to learn how to set up and use. We want to think an ideal printer should have easy one-step installation, less maintenance, and care, be able to finish a task with least setup and be adjusted setting with one button.

By observing and research office environment and habits, Pantum is continuously adjusting to improve the user experience for SMB users. Focusing on the convenience of daily use and saving in long-term. Pantum has highlighted and enhanced printer functions that serve SMB users to the utmost.

Introducing MFP family of Pantum 4S Efficient Work Companions, a Pantum’s concept for improving SMB printing experience with Pantum printer line.

Pantum 4S Efficient Work Companions are designed to upgrade your office from the outside look to inside functions. In an open work environment, we often see people share printer within a department or group. Pantum printers are designed for people sharing within a network or wirelessly. The printing speed and paper input tray are designed for SMB users to printer small to medium amount of prints, and they don’t need to refill input paper tray frequently. Off-white series printers have unified sleek exterior fit in any business environment. A maximum size frame of 415 x 365 x 350mm doesn’t take much space in the office. Place it on a low cabinet will do.

4S Efficient Work Companion

Following the speedy, stable, smart and straightforward, 4S Efficient Work Companion concept, Pantum selected four MFPs to join this family. Printing speed range up to 35ppm (letter) with duplex printing is okay to print small to medium amount of work. Fine line printing allows you to print 1-pixel fine-lines, and unique consumable design minimizes toner leak and good support for designers and print studios. Up to 24 ppm (A4), / 25 ppm (Letter) ADF scan speed transforms paper to paperless files in minutes.

Pantum printers are built for stable and consistent printing. 60,000 pages maximum monthly printing value can handle most heavy printing work for SMB. To support this amount of printing volume, Pantum printers are made with durable metal frame and strong gears. With separate toner and drum cartridge design, the printer will last longer and save money. 250 pages input tray is suitable for daily use with low refill frequencies.

Wireless connection makes printing more accessible than ever. It is essential we be able to share a printer with a group. Pantum printer (wifi models) would be able to connect with every computer or mobile devices, within one Wi-Fi environment. To support mobile printing, Pantum has designed Pantum APP to ease the process of joining, printing, and scan through wireless and NFC connection. Pantum Printer also supports AirPrint and Mopria*, with high adaptability for both IOS and Android system.

A printer designed to work around you and your business is always what Pantum want to achieve in the process of developing. These are also the core of our 4S efficient work companion product concept. To learn more about Pantum and Pantum printers, please go to Follow Pantum on social media to receive first-hand information.

* AirPrint, Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPod touch, and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Mopria and the Mopria logo are trademarks of Mopria Alliance, Inc.

All brand names & trademarks are the properties of their respective holders and used for descriptive proposes only.

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