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December 22nd, 2016, China – Lexmark announces completion of acquisition by Apex Technology on November 29th, 2016. The acquisition of Lexmark by Apex means a lot for Pantum at the same time. As it was said during the press conference in Beijing that Pantum and Lexmark, the two characteristic printer brands are going to synergize with their own strengths in the future.

The benefit from synergy of the two will be obvious. Lexmark, with its advanced and experienced technology in MPS, is powerful in the high-end market segment. Pantum, a young but energetic new player, is sustaining a rapid growth in the entry and middle segment and does well in cost management. Exploring the printing and imaging market solely, both of the two will have some limitation to cover more requirements from users. But now Pantum and Lexmark can complement each other to serve a fuller user groups.

It is more beneficial for the channel partners of Pantum and Lexmark as well. Partners will have fuller choices in different segments. Partner can leverage Pantum products to expand the market share rapidly, meanwhile enjoy a good profit by offering Lexmark products to users who require high-end and value added printing solutions or services. As a result, partner is flexible when penetrating the printing market.

With the synergy of Pantum and Lexmark, end users of the two will also have wider choices from entry products to high end products according to their preferences. There will be more cost cutting and more efficient solutions for them. The synergy of the two means more abilities to create customized products for users to meet their specified requirements.

Working together Pantum and Lexmark are able to have a fuller product line and more competitiveness to acquire a larger market share.

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