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La cohesión crea el Futuro-Adquisición de Lexmark por Apex Conferencia de Prensa


December 12th, 2016, Beijing, China –Acquisition of Lexmark by Apex Press Conference was held with a theme of “Cohesion Creates the Future” in Beijing, China on December 12th, 2016. More than 200 attendees including distinguished guests from government and industry, leading media, and partners from all over the world turned up to witnessed this milestone together.

Mr. Jackson Wang, Chairman of Apex, said, “Many say the acquisition of Lexmark is like a snake swallowing an elephant. But I prefer to say it is a marriage. Apex Technology is a poor young man and Lexmark is a beautiful and successful woman.”

Mr. Wang supplemented that “The strength and power of the beautiful, successful woman is visible to all. Its advanced technologies and MPS acumen are at the forefront of the industry. Alternatively, the poor young man is a young and healthy enterprise whose strengths lie within the printing cost management and control. Their marriage is mutually beneficial and their synergy has been well worth the wait.”

“Apex is sending a clear signal of its contribution to the rapid development of China’s printer industry. Through acquisition, Apex Technology will possess a full range of printer products and technology and much better prepare itself to face the completion of global printer market.” added Mr. Jackson Wang.

After that, David Reeder, CEO of Lexmark, said that Apex’s Chairman Jackson Wang is the finest, most honorable entrepreneur he had met. Reeder also believes that China’s 3 billion dollar market is now open to Lexmark and will help propel the Apex-Lexmark union to become the premier imaging company in the world.

During celebration ceremony, Zhuhai Deputy Mayor Yemin also expressed his congratulation to the new partners. Presidents and General Managers of the leading banks or other financiers attended the ceremony, too, among who were China Citic Bank and Legend Capital. They were optimistic of the future of the imaging brands.

Moreover, Pantum and Lexmark showed how two brands can work side by side to conquer a big slice of the Chinese market which is rapidly becoming the largest printer market in the world. Pantum will focus on the lower end SMB and SOHO market, while Lexmark will focus more on the high end market. We also believe that no longer will the Chinese be dominated by the foreign printer brands, as Pantum and Lexmark are expecting the twin brands to be the top brands in China by 2020.

Pantum and Lexmark will belong to the same group and have a strategic cooperation in all aspects of business in the future. Great synergy effect is to be achieved with complementary strengths of us. We wish Pantum together with Lexmark a promising future with an optimistic outlook!

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Pantum and Lexmark Product Exhibition during the conference

 Gifts to the attendees

Lexmark History Board

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