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Cooperate to be Champions


Recently, Pantum sponsored a cricket team to successfully complete the NECTA’s Rajib Sarma Memorial Cricket Tournament and win the championship, which further helped Pantum to open up the local market.

Cricket has received a lot of attention as the Indian national football and IT associations will hold annual cricket competitions within the industry. Pantum successfully seized this opportunity to sponsor a team and printed its logo on uniforms, making its brand continuously exposed in front of the industry insiders. At the same time, coupled with the local IT magazine's coverage of the competition's online and offline activities, Pantum’s popularity has been further enhanced. The most gratifying thing was that the team sponsored by Pantum won the championship, which also brought lots of attention to Pantum.

Through this tournament, Pantum promoted its products and brands, expanded its T3 customers and increased its popularity, which paved the development of Pantum in the future!

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